The Compassion Fellowship was founded under the guidance of Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche.

The teachings of Buddha explain that every living being longs to be happy, that every living being longs to be free of suffering, that all are united in this common wish. Once one sees how universal suffering is, it is vital to transform our way of thinking and our way of acting through following the path of compassion. When compassion has become part of our being, we are able to fulfill the needs of others. We are able to clear away their sorrows and bring about their happiness.

When individuals, families, and communities embrace the way of compassion, there is harmony and widespread peace. The heart turned toward compassion creates Bodhicitta, the heart of awakening. Through that heart of awakening, one is able to travel the path ofthe Mahayana, the Great Vehicle, as well as the swift path of the Secret Mantra Vajrayana, which leads to the absolute state of Buddhahood. Thus, because it brings both mundane and spiritual joy and well being, compassion is essential.

By the blessings of the awakened ones and their heirs, in all places and in all times, may the supreme heart of compassion blossom in every living being.

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The Mandala Of Caring

The Mandala of Caring represents a skillful way to strengthen our interdependent relationship with our precious teacher Tulku Orgyen Zangpo Rinpoche. Please visit our new pages, where you will also find two very recent video interviews with Rinpoche, including one in which he talks about his heart teacher Khandro Tare Lhamo, a revered female master and treasure-revealer.

Mandala Of Caring

Guru Yoga Teaching

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